Enhance the beauty of your garden with these stunning lilies. Discover a variety of colors and fragrances to create a vibrant and aromatic outdoor space.
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This beautiful newer member of the Oriental Lily Group brought a brand new color to the group, and what a color it is! Each petal is apricot pink, with a deep salmon-colored stripe down its center. And imagine the competition. The Oriental Group includes Stargazer, the stunning red lily that … Read more Salmon Star – Spectacular new Oriental Lily that lives up to its name

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Fragrant, Lilium 'Brindisi' is a highly romantic-looking LA hybrid Lily that is full of charm with its upward-facing, soft pink flowers revealing a deeper pink throat. The pleasantly scented blossoms, up to 7 buds per stem, contrast nicely with the lance-like green foliage. LA Hybrid Liliums result from a cross between Asiatic and longiflorum lilies.

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