Inquiry Based Learning

Discover the power of inquiry based learning to foster curiosity and critical thinking in students. Explore top ideas and resources to implement this student-centered approach in your classroom.
6 Questions Students Can Use To Guide Their Inquiry-Based Learning... Inquiry Based Learning Activities, Project Based Learning Kindergarten, Science Inquiry, Problem Based Learning, Learning Projects, Learning Design, Early Learning, Brain Based Learning Strategies, Listening Activities

Sylvia Duckworth's graphic illustrates questions students can use to guide inquiry-based learning ideas that act as a catalyst for curiosity.

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If you are getting started with inquiry, you may wonder where to start and how to prepare for something that is student-led. Although using an inquiry approach removes you, the teacher, from the absolute power position; you still have plenty to do to prepare yourself to get ready for inquiry. I wanted to share

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Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: The Autumn Season: Exploring Trees and Leaves and the Colors of Fall! Project Based Learning Kindergarten, Kindergarten Inquiry, Kindergarten Projects, Kindergarten Science, Inquiry Based Learning Activities, Early Learning, Adjectives Activities, Learning Stories, Primary Literacy

The kids have started noticing signs of fall! They had started bringing me leaves, so I knew it was time to start investigating Fall! I started out by asking what they wondered about Fall. They came up with some very good questions! We posted the questions on our inquiry wall. This wall will grow as they wonder new things and answer the questions! I set out some provacations about Fall to see what they would notice. On our look closer table, I set out fall leaves and colored water to see…

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