Homemade Paint

Discover easy and affordable homemade paint recipes for your next creative project. Get inspired to unleash your artistic side with these simple and customizable paint recipes.
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This DIY paint recipe is just as much fun to make as it is to paint with. It only requires three simple household ingredients so it's not too precious to let kids help. Let your little artist follow the recipe , make their own colors, and paint their imagination with this easy recipe!

Anita Pearson
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Learn how to make glue at home with household ingredients. This homemade glue recipe can be used with any kind of paper, from cardstock to construction paper. It also works with googly eyes, popsicle sticks, and buttons. Why spend money on glue when you can make it yourself for pennies?! The BEST Homemade Glue Why pay $5 for a bottle of craft glue when you can make it yourself in 5 minutes using simple ingredients? We wanted to find the BEST homemade glue recipe, and I believe we have. We…

Patty Collins