Homemade brunch

Indulge in a scrumptious homemade brunch with these mouthwatering recipes. Discover easy and flavorful dishes to kickstart your mornings and impress your loved ones.
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I like French toast, but not the soggy super soft ones. I like mine toasty, and making French toast sticks, ensures a crispy and toasty outcome. Homemade French Toast Sticks I think the secret lies in dipping the breadsticks just enough to get the egg into them, but not too long as to have them...Read More

Eileen Andersen
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Crispy Oven Hash Browns are baked in muffin tins using frozen or real potatoes. This is the easy way to make perfect hash browns without spending time at the stove. Skip the traditional cooking method of frying in a large skillet altogether. Both sides and the bottom of each one have a crispy exterior. And no messy stovetop to clean.

Kellee May