High school meal prep lunch ideas

Discover easy and delicious meal prep lunch ideas for high school students. Save time and enjoy nutritious meals that will keep you energized throughout the day.
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211.1K likes, 809 comments. “Cheesy chorizo & chicken wrap. 469 calories, 50g protein, 40g carbs, 12g fats Super high in protein and so quick & easy to make! Ingredients: - 1 tortilla wrap 🌯 - Handful of diced red onion 🧅 - 120g chicken breast 🐔 - 15g chorizo 🌶️ - 1tbsp tomato purée 🍅 - Paprika 🌶️ - 15g eat lean cheese 🧀 - 15g mozzarella 🧀 - 30g lightest Philadelphia cheese 🧀 Method: - Fry off your chorizo, chicken and red onion - Season with paprika - In a bowl…