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Transform your high school with these creative design ideas. Create an inspiring and functional space that promotes learning and collaboration.
This is a high school gym.  I think we should have a gym like this because it has lots of room for physical education classes and also it has a lot of space for fans.  It's important for the gym to be nice because lots of athletic event's are held here.  This is right-brained because the stands are in a interesting design and the lights at the top aren't like most gyms High School, Basketball, High School Sports, Gym Room, High School Classes, Private School, High School Design, School Campus, School Hall

This gymnasium contains a 2,600-seat arena with collegiate size basketball court and two cross practice courts striped for 3 volleyball courts. An upper level concourse with a complete open view of the court provides overflow and additional standing room capacity. Concession stands are provided on both the upper and lower concourses.

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How do you transform something brutal into something beautiful, rigidity into flexibility, and the imposing into the inviting? These are the questions SMMA had to answer in its approach to renovating Winchester High School, a 1970’s Brutalist-styled building, serving 1,370 students. The directive from the Town of Winchester was to transform the out-of-place aesthetic and to reflect the school’s top ten Massachusetts public school status and National Blue Ribbon credentials through new…

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