Healing Scriptures

Experience the rejuvenating power of healing scriptures that will renew your mind and body. Discover divine promises and find comfort, hope, and strength in these powerful verses.
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I Am Healed By his stripes I am healed. – Isaiah 53.5 There is healing in my body. Every infirmity is being healed in this very moment. I will no longer claim any sickness or ailment. I am healed and will only get healthier. I refuse to settle in sickness and defeat. My mind is healed. […] More

Diane Duplessis
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May 8, 2019 - And instead of getting help from a normal supportive family, i was raised mostly on my own in this dysfunctional background. Instead of being counselled, i had to counsel, to guide her, to help her cope with her fits of committing suicide, to give her sound advice. I guess all these helped me grow beyond my age and sharpened my mental acuity. You see we all battled with enemies, but i still wanted to trust God and more importantly choose God over anything else. Seeing how…

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