Green thumb

Discover expert tips and tricks to unleash your green thumb and create a vibrant and thriving garden. Get inspired and start growing your own oasis today.
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So you want to have a beautiful yard filled with plants that will add character, but you have no sun because your entire yard is covered with trees? Do you have a back covered patio that’s in need of some refreshing and updating? Well, we at Garden Valley Farmers Market, have got you covered with o

Amanda Kennedy
There's no such thing as a green thumb. Just get to know your plants and LOVE them. Garden And Yard, Indoor Garden, Garden Plants, Indoor Plants, Outdoor Gardens, Organic Gardening, Gardening Tips, Garden Quotes, Plant Lady

A lot of folks tell me that they don’t have green thumbs–that they love the idea of having plants in their homes but that they kill every plant in their path. I think that’s a cop out. I used to say the same thing about my athleticism: “I’m not athletic” I’d say. But that’s because...

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