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Enhance your language skills with these fun and interactive grammar activities. Explore top ideas to make learning grammar enjoyable and effective for all ages.
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This is an activity to present some of the WH Questions in a simple recognizable way. You can use them as flashcards, show them and make your students create a sentence with that question word.

Zakirova Lidiya
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We use plural nouns to indicate when there is more than one place, animal, person, or thing. We can depend on some ways to make a noun plural, either by adding a suffix, changing the spelling the word, or both. We should teach our kids how to use these suffixes to make a noun plural. Plural Rule : 1- To form the plural , just add the suffix –s to the most nouns. For example, door – doors, bag – bags. 2- We can add the suffix –es if the word ends with -ss, -sh, -ch, -x, -o. For example, dress…

Saroj Nandani