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Discover your roots and uncover fascinating stories about your ancestors through genealogy research. Get started on your journey to explore your family heritage today.
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If you're new to genealogy, you might be feeling overwhelmed. No need. Start with these entry-level genealogy records, and you'll be climbing your tree in no time. I've worked with numerous beginning genealogists, plus I was one 30 years ago. The following record types are the easiest to access and provide many quick wins while building your family tree. While it's tempting to explore all the hints genealogy websites offer, stay focused on these record collections first. Before we begin…

Brenda Dyck
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Hey there, storyteller! Are you looking for theUltimate All-In-OneGenealogy Worksheet? First, some bad news… after five years and over 40,000 downloads, the free worksheet is no longer available. Don’t click away yet, because I have some good news and two choices for you instead. Snag the PDF Pack from the Template Store VISIT THE TEMPLATE […]

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