Garden shed exterior ideas

Transform your garden shed with these inspiring exterior ideas. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space and create a charming focal point for your garden.
Subscribe HOME GARDENING IDEAS The Most Charming Garden Sheds on Pinterest Katherine Owen Baby Blues How cute are the pastel shingles on this tiny garden gem? Clean lines and an uncluttered façade really allow the robust garden to shine.See the Pin Courtesy of Owe Crafts Countryside Charm French doors open into this elegant but simple shed. A crisp white exterior is the perfect balance to the rustic red shingles.See the Pin Pinterest Tiny Cottage Dreams Hello Dutch door and quaint cottage Outdoor, Saving Money, Real Estate Information, Rent, Ways To Save, Ways To Save Money, Outdoor Decor, Think On, Sun Valley

Old carriage house or garden shed in disuse and disrepair? Fixing it up isn't as hard as you think. A design pro shares four easy tips to get those garden shed renovation ideas going. If you're just looking for a refresh, we've got garden shed decoration inspiration, too.

Vicki Campbell McKay