Fun library ideas

Transform your library into a fun and inspiring space with these creative ideas. Discover new ways to organize, decorate, and engage readers in your library.
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I love the library I work in. I love my giant circulation desk with all of its counter space, the huge windows that let me see the sun shining through the trees, the birds chirping outside (except the one time a bird came in the library, but that's a story for another day), and all the space my students have to work or play games or read. The one thing I don't particularly love, though, is the giant support beam that sits right in front of my desk. It's pretty clear that the space my…

Chelsey Ellison
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Or do you call them Cootie-Catchers? One and the same, my friend. The point is, here's an idea to help patrons figure out what to read next. Like so: I originally saw the idea on MLISsing in Action, which actually has all kinds of fun passive displays. But I decided to make my own version of the fortune teller idea: free printables included! Here's the sign and here's the cootie-catcher. There's four versions in the cootie catcher file: the first is what you see: I filled mine all in with…

Nikki D Robertson