Fun food for kids

Make mealtime fun and nutritious with these creative and healthy food ideas for kids. Discover delicious recipes and tips to get your little ones excited about eating.
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It seems like kids are constantly changing what they're willing to eat. One day you can happily put a few carrots in front of them, and they'll go to town. The next they'll act like you're trying to ruin their day. It's hard to keep up as a parent, especially when you know you're sending kids to school all day with only a lunch bag to feed them. You've got to keep them satiated — nobody wants a hangry kid on their hands the moment they come home! That's why we put together this list of…

Suzanne Mann
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The cutest breakfast and snack you'll ever make with just toast, fruit and a delicious spread like peanut butter, cream cheese or Nutella. Toddlers and kids love this super fun and creative food idea! This adorable animal toast is also rather healthy and cheap to make with simple ingredients.

Jessica Henninger