Free doll clothes patterns

Get creative and make your own doll clothes with these free patterns. Discover a wide range of fun and easy-to-follow tutorials to dress up your dolls in style.
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Peasant dresses are a really easy beginner sewing project. When I teach my daughters to sew doll clothes, this is our first lesson. I have to help with a few of the steps, but they can handle most of it.

Ginny Herman
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Dolls are extremely important for girls (and boys!) to have when they're growing up. Teaching them valuable lessons about empathy, responsibility, and caring for others, dolls are an integral part of child education. Not only are dolls good for child development, but they're also fun to have around! Your kids will always have a best friend to talk to and dress up when they have a favorite doll. However, buying clothes and accessories for dolls can be expensive. That's where our collection of…

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ResinRapture free patterns for Blythe. This multipurpose dress pattern is made for the Pure Neemo S body. Hopefully the All-in-one pattern for a hundred new dresses…

Rachel Saliba