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Explore a collection of fine art painting ideas that will inspire your creativity and add a touch of elegance to your space. Discover techniques, styles, and subjects that will take your artistic skills to the next level.
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(Born in Albania in 1964) Kote’s trade marks are his bold brush work and sweeping strokes of vibrant colors applied - more often than not - with a pallet knife, while other areas of the canvas are left monochromatic and devoid of detail creating a negative space that lets the eye drift to infinity. The results are paintings that tremble in stillness with energy and light. Influenced by many places where he lived, Albanian born artist J.Kote began his journey towards artistic self-discovery…

Artist K.P.JOY
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Artist Jeremy Miranda (previously) paints in a space between worlds: reality and memory, indoor and outdoor, past and present. Ideas and concepts bleed together within his acrylic paintings like the fuzzy edges of a dream, where powerful images exist amongst unexpected locations and backdrops. The New Hampshire-based artist is heavily influenced by his surroundings in the American Northeast, apparent in his depiction of dense woods, crashing waves, and the recurring motif of lush…

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