Filipino wedding traditions

Explore the rich and captivating traditions of Filipino weddings. From the ceremonial rituals to the festive celebrations, discover unique customs that make Filipino weddings truly special.
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With its diverse array of peoples and cultures scattered across more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a place where wedding traditions come in all shapes and sizes. While some couples opt for large, traditional Catholic ceremonies, others choose more intimate, non-denominational affairs. Click here to read more!

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If you grew up outside of the Philippines like I did, you probably don’t know much about Filipino wedding traditions or where to even start. But not to worry. With weddings, there are tons of ways to pay a nod to your Filipino roots while keeping it simple, beautiful, and hella meaningful. While Jérôme and I were planning our wedding in Toronto, we both knew we wanted to incorporate Filipino elements into our day. As I was researching online for inspiration, all the suggestions I found just…