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Quench your thirst with our selection of delicious and refreshing drinks that perfectly complement your favorite fast food meals. Discover the perfect beverage to complete your fast food experience.
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Jjapaguri was made famous by the Korean movie Parasite. This noodle dish is a combination of 2 of Korea's popular instant noodles Chapaghetti and Neoguri. This dish is also called Ram-don, which suggests a combo of ramen and udon from both of the instant noodles. In the movie, they added steak to this noodle dish which showed that the family was very wealthy in Korea. This elevated meal is flavorful, spicy, and saucy. It's also very easy to make! Ingredients • 6-8 oz Beef (sirloin, strip…

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Lemonade is now open in Fashion Island. The popular Los Angeles-based fast-casual, modern cafeteria-style eatery is a salad lover's dream with something for all tastes. Angeles, Drinking, Lemonade Restaurant, Lemonade Drinks, Lemonade Stand, Fresh Lemonade, Lemonade, California Food, Midnight Snacks

Lemonade, the popular Los Angeles-based fast-casual chainlet that's part lemonade stand and part modern cafeteria-style eatery, officially opened its first Orange County location in the Fashion Island Shopping Center in mid-August. Their concept is best described as a Southern California comfort food with a focus on fresh seasonal ingredients and familiar dishes with an unexpected twist. They cater to people who care about what they eat and are looking for a quick lunch or healthy 'grab and…

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