Exit slips high school

Enhance student learning with these creative exit slip ideas designed specifically for high school classrooms. Discover how exit slips can help assess student understanding and improve classroom instruction.
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Hello teachers! Brittany from The SuperHERO Teacher's Resources here to talk all about why you should incorporate exit tickets into your daily classroom routine. If your teaching style is anything like mine, you love spontaneity in the classroom just as much as you love a solid classroom management plan that paves the way for an engaging and innovative lesson. My first couple of years teaching, I struggled to find the balance between fun and focus. I honestly wasn't sure if it was possible…

Steph Miller
LOVE this idea no matter what subject or grade you teach!  Fantastic way of assessing who grasped the material. Organisation, Middle School Science, High School, Middle School Math, Middle School Classroom, Teacher Organization, Teacher Tools, Teaching Strategies, Math Classroom

No matter what you call it, the exit slip is a super, quick, little assessment. I had to come up with a plan for how to administer and check the exit slips in my science classes. So, I designed a bulletin board to house the materials. I'm actually not finished. It seems that everything I do needs some revision. I always come up with a new idea and have to change things. OK...I don't have to change things, but my compulsive personality makes me do it! Currently, I pass out the slips and the…

Megan Eaves