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Discover innovative ways to incorporate electrical outlets into your home decor. From hidden outlets to stylish covers, find ideas to enhance your living space.
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Blend-In, Stand-Out, or Charge-Up When it comes to putting your personal signature on your kitchen remodel a popular outlet for creativity is actually right there in the electrical outlets themselves. Gone are the days when all you had were 2 basic options: white and ivory. You, the homeowner, have the chance to make improvements that … Continue reading "3 Kitchen Outlet Features Homeowners Love"

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Three electrical outlets that will change your life! These will save you money, time, and they look beautiful to boot! Definite win/win. As some of you guys know, we built our home a few years ago using a volume home builder! We really loved them, and it was absolutely the most affordable way to go without a doubt. That being said, it's important to us that our house feels like our home and not a carbon copy of someone else's. We did a lot of upgrades at the time, but we've also made it a…

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The beauty of doing anything you’ve never done before in this day and age is ~ Google. Like seriously, how did we ever do anything before we could google how to do it?! I feel like all of us who graduated high school before the dawn of the internet deserve a special star on our diplomas. […]

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Outlet face has a smooth and matte metallic finish; elevate elegance in your space with matching smooth metallic wall plate, included Decorator style switch for residential use in houses, condos, apartments and most commercial areas that require only 15A switches such as offices, schools, stores, shops, restaurants, public facilities, and hotels Shallow body design fits standard junction boxes. Push in wiring (copper only). Break-off plaster ears. Grounding screw. Device dimensions…

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