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5 Facts That Educational Technology Is Essential! 86% of teachers think it is ‘important’ or ‘absolutely essential’ to use edtech in the classroom 965 say that edtech increases student engagement in learning 95% say that it enables personalized learning 89% say that it improves student outcomes 87% say that it helps students collaborate 4 Facts […]

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Here is another of our popular visuals we published in 2017. The visual features some good educational web tools and websites to help you in your teaching. We arranged these resources into the following content areas: science, math, language arts, history, art, physics, music, and social studies. A printable PDF of this infographic is available for free from this page. Links to the tools featured in this visual together with several other suggested resources are included in this chart. Check…

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The start of the new school year 2021-2022 comes amidst exceptional times as the entire world is still struggling to contain the nefarious effects of the current pandemic. Apparently, the post-pandemic education, as I argued elsewhere, is different. It is mainly characterised by a predominant hybridity in which both modes of online and in-person instruction fuse together in such a way that it becomes hard to conceive of one without the other. Digitality, to say the least, has become a…