Easy mosaic

Discover how to create beautiful mosaic art with these easy DIY ideas. Get inspired to add a touch of color and creativity to your home decor or craft projects.
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The art of Mosaic was believed to be first used in the Mesopotamian area around the 3rd-century BC. It made its way across ancient civilizations and over thousands of years. But what exactly is Mosaic? Is it a type of art that a beginner can do? Can any material be made into a Mosaic? We've […]

Dana Allman
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A water lily mosaic design built on travertine or inside a terra-cotta saucer. Petals are cut into sections, then fired to round the edges and lend an added dimension to the project. Flowers, glass nuggets, and other desired elements are glued to the substrate, then grouted, cleaned, and polished.

Jennifer Likens