Dual language classroom

Discover proven strategies for creating a successful dual language classroom. Enhance language skills, promote cultural diversity, and provide an enriching learning environment for students.
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Are you a new Dual language teacher? Welcome! I hope you'll find this tips helpful! This post may contain affiliate links. It might seem obvious, duh I'm a teacher of course I have to be patient! It is so different when you have a room full of kiddos who are learning a language. You will give directions and some students will give you a blank stare because they have no idea what just happened. Let me tell you, when teaching language learners, you will have to find the patience you didn't…

Devorah Farias
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An important way to build relationships in your classroom is with a morning meeting. One of the components of morning meeting is a “game.” As a Spanish immersion teacher, I am always looking for easy, quick games that can be used during this portion of the day. I often use equity sticks and let the ... Read More about 12 Morning Meeting Games in Spanish

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