Dismantling pallets

Learn how to dismantle pallets and repurpose the wood for your DIY projects. Discover creative ideas to transform pallets into unique furniture, decor, and more.
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If you don't reclaim enough pallet lumber to justify a specialized prybar for the purpose, it is of course possible to knock down shipping pallets using everyday hand tools. But don't pry - that'll just split the wood. Instead, knock out the boards and nails from behind with a hammer. Or better yet, a pair of hammers. YouTuber miscpro shows us how it's done.

Gigi Amaya
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The Pallet Bible: Finding, Inspecting, and Dismantling Pallets: For those of us in the DIY, upcycling and woodworking communities, reclaimed wood has been a rising force as a medium for home projects for years. Its appearance and history give our furniture and home decor a character that people admire, and it ca…

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