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10. Wendigo | Community Post: 11 Creatures You Do Not Want To Run Into This Halloween Fantasy Creature Art, Cute Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Creatures Art, Creature Concept Art, Mythological Creatures, Cute Creatures Drawing Monsters, Mystical Creatures Drawings, Magical Creatures Mythology, Mythical Creature Design

If you find that your friend has a hunkering for human flesh there is a strong chance that he is a Wendigo. Wendigos feature strongly in Algonquin ritual belief as creatures that possess men and turn them into extremely dangerous cannibals. If you find yourself camping these weekend make sure to bring enough for your hungry friend.

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What if Yui had a step brother? what if he was treated wrongly and doesn't know what love is like? will it change when he meets the six brothers? will he fall in love with one of them? read to find out!!!~♡ Please don't steal my story. £Warning£ Swearing Violence Mature contents Depression