Craft closet organization

Organize your craft closet with these creative ideas to make your crafting supplies easily accessible. Maximize your space and create a functional and inspiring craft area.
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We are lucky to have a big, awesome closet near the kids’ playroom. We use it to store all of our games, craft supplies, our printer, all kinds of paper, workbooks, games, and even some bulkier toys. Yes, it gets just as messy as it sounds like it would get! It’s a convenient storage spot, but without being organized, it gets to be the biggest, most stressful rat’s nest you’ve ever seen.

Ashleigh Monnig
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Creating my own gift wrapping organization in a dedicated closet has been an absolute dream fulfilled. With minimal expenses and maximum results, I achieved this feat by utilizing fantastic baskets available on Amazon. To make the most of your own closet space, I suggest measuring your dimensions and customizing your choices accordingly. In the picture above, you can see the exact options I personally used, and I've provided convenient links below for easy access!

Amber Shehorn