Clean room checklist

Maintain a clean and organized room with this essential checklist. Ensure a spotless environment by following these simple steps and keep your space looking its best.
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Just like any other social media site, you can find anything on Twitter. Recipes, safety tips, comedy, personal stories, and of course, ignorant and facepalm-worthy tweets. That’s right, for every politician and social justice warrior on Twitter, there’s someone else divulging information that they probably should have kept to themselves or that might make you lose a bit of faith in humanity. (Sometimes, politicians even fall into that category too!)

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Despite the knowledge that someone knows exactly where you live, there are people who seem to think that horrible, annoying or just deeply petty behavior is acceptable. Even stranger, in the 21st century, it has never been easier to document insufferable behavior, including legally permissible evidence like videos and pictures.

Rebecca Mc Guirk