Classroom displays ks2

Transform your KS2 classroom with creative and engaging display ideas. Make learning fun and interactive for your students with these top classroom display ideas.
I Am What I Teach: Classroom Games - Boggle, Noggle, & 20 Questions Pre K, Maths, Organisation, 4th Grade Maths, Teaching, 4th Grade Math, 3rd Grade Math, Math Games, Math Classroom

These games are excellent fillers and even better for those early finishers who need a challenge! How about some good old fashioned Boggle? I found this one on Pinterest! Boggle on the Left = Making Words Rules: Must make real words by connecting touching letters. The longer the word the better, you can give points by word length (ex. 2-3 letters 1 point, 4 letters 3 points, 5 + letters 5 points). I award for most words that follow the rules…

Sabrina Whitaker