Chinese architecture modern

Discover the beauty of modern Chinese architecture and explore its captivating blend of tradition and innovation. Get inspired by top designs and create a contemporary space that pays homage to the rich history of Chinese architecture.
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At dusk, Wengcheng, as the old barbican of Linhai, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, suddenly turns into a wonderful children’s football field, where kids shout joyfully, chase each other enthusiastically, kick the ball to the ancient city wall and wait for a perfect bounce-back without any...

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Completed in 2018 in Chengdu, China. Images by Shengliang Su, Fangfang Tian, Tianzhou Yang. Inkstone House OCT Linpan Cultural Center in Anren, Sichuan is located in the middle of the Linpan area of Anren Town, Dayi County, Chengdu City,...

Péter Tokaji