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Discover meaningful charity work ideas that allow you to make a positive impact on the world. Get involved in causes you care about and help create a better future for those in need.
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As I prepare to rally my community and readership to help raise funds to provide clean water for the people of Nepal, I am reviewing my previous fundraising achievement for my project in Kenya with Matanya's Hope. My Trip to Nepal In about 30 days, I'll leave to Nepal for 12 days to work with the Waterbearers. We are visiting impoverished villages who have been severely affected by the monsoons. We will visit schools and orphanages, as well as homes of the villagers. Donate to Ounce of Salt…

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Whether you're a knitter, crocheter, crafter, quilter, or sewist, we all love our crafts for many reasons. Why not spread that joy a little further by using your crafts for a good cause? These charities accept various types of craft donations for all causes. Pack boxes for children around the world in need, stitch up some blankets to keep children warm, and more! No matter your craft of choice, there's a way you can give back to those in need. Crafting for charity is a great way to get your…

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Planning your next big employee charitable giving campaign (or trying to get a program off the ground for a first time)? Here are some fresh ideas for engaging employees and putting the “fun” into fundraising. Draw some inspiration from the infographic below and use the following timetable to help plan your company’s campaign activities: Month Campaign…

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Sponsoring a homeless family can have a profound impact on their lives, providing them with the stability and resources they need to rebuild and thrive. By offering financial support, housing assistance, and access to essential services, sponsors play a crucial role in helping these families escape the cycle of homelessness. Beyond addressing immediate needs, sponsorship also offers a sense of hope and belonging, restoring dignity and inspiring a brighter future. Through such acts of…

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COVID-19 has made the past few years difficult. Many people have found comfort in their projects and have hit an all-time high on the amount of sewing they've managed to get done. If you're one of those sewists then it can be a great idea to use your amazing skill to help out those in need. With this page, Sewing for Charity: What to Know in 2024, we're going over everything you need to know before donating, where to donate, and what projects to sew. Face masks are also still a big part of…

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