Bonnet crochet

Discover a collection of beautiful crochet bonnet patterns for babies, children, and adults. Create unique and stylish bonnets for yourself and your loved ones with these easy-to-follow patterns.
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Winter season is coming up fast and getting colder and colder, so I needed a new hat. It was very easy to decide how my new crochet hat pattern should look like. Like a classic fisherman hat, working class, common... Nothing special. Just a comfortable and warm hat that common people wear.

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Super cute and warm handmade crochet bear hood/bonnet in a soft baby pink color. This wearable is made with fuzzy 100% polyester yarn and will fit an average adult/teen head. Length of hood discluding straps: 20 inches. Length of hood including straps: 51.5 inches Never machine wash. If the hood needs to be washed, hand wash it with cold water and hang it to dry. Want to make the hood yourself? The crochet pattern for this wearable is also available on my Etsy. If any questions and/or…

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