Back to school parent questionnaire

Be an active participant in your child's education with our back-to-school parent questionnaire. Discover meaningful insights and build a stronger connection with your child's school community.
Classroom Freebies: Parent Survey for Beginning of Year...I'm going to fill this out and have C give it to his teacher on the first day :) Classroom Freebies, Kindergarten Classroom, School Classroom, Classroom Ideas, Future Classroom, Kindergarten Graduation, Ppcd Classroom, Classroom Libraries, Teacher Freebies

Want something to send home to your parents in the beginning of the year?? I store this in my communication folder in a plastic sleeve and store all the notes I get from parents behind this…. Come on over HERE to snag a copy. Would you like to have your printables ... Read More about Parent Survey for Beginning of Year

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Classroom Freebies: A 'Getting to Know Your Child' Questionnaire Classroom Freebies, Preschool Classroom, Classroom Ideas, Future Classroom, Preschool Science, Science Activities, Preschool Activities, Letter To Parents, Parents As Teachers

**UPDATE** I guess I had second grade on the original questionnaire, so I made this a little more generic for multiple grade levels. Instead of using a grade, I just said ‘this school year.’ I hope this helps you out! I love to have parents fill out this questionnaire because it not only helps me ... Read More about A ‘Getting to Know Your Child’ Questionnaire

Jennifer Reed
FREE preschool parent survey for student interests Preschool Forms, Daycare Forms, Kindergarten Classroom, Free Preschool, Kindergarten Graduation, Teaching Preschool, Preschool Ideas, Craft Ideas, Student Interest Inventory

I got my class list yesterday. It's like really official. Sure...I have been moving furniture and decorating for a month. SURE! I have been talking about my new class. ...but it's real now! I am now in charge of 40 little learning lives. I went back to school yesterday to get that list. Then I had a moment of "OH MY GOSH! I have to get my letters printed! I have to get envelopes! I have to get their folder materials sent to print shop!" So I created my welcome letter, and supply list. Then I…

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Inspired by Kindergarten: Most Important Page I Send Home- Questionnaire for the parents to fill out about their child. LOVE! Kindergarten Management, Kindergarten Parent, Classroom Management, Back To School Night, School Fun, School Year, School Stuff, Preschool Theme Activities, School Activities

My advice to teachers everywhere. . . document everything! At Open House I send home this sheet for the parents to fill out. (click the picture to view bigger or download) Then I put all the sheets in a binder. Whenever I call home or have conversations with parents that I need to remember I write notes on the back of the sheet. That way if they say, "You've never mentioned that before" or "Why am I just hearing about this now?" I can pull out their sheet and say, "Nope, we talked about this…

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At last, its that time of the year we all have been looking forward to since spring. Schools are reopening, whether in-class or remote learning, it is time for our kids to go back to school. If you have visited my earlier blogs, you’d know that I have discussed getting to know your child form/ questionnaire. This year al lot of the exchange with teachers is probably going to be online, through e-mails and smart use of google drive. This form becomes even more important as you can print it…

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