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apartment-format2 - Read online for free. John Briggs is looking to rent out his 1-bedroom apartment located in Burlingame, CA while he relocates to New York for a UNICEF program. The rental rate is $750 per month, including utilities. To secure the apartment, a payment of $1,500 is required, including $750 for the first month's rent and $750 for the security deposit. Upon receiving payment, Briggs will ship the apartment keys and documents to the applicant via overnight delivery.

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Just because you are renting a home, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a range of personal touches. Sure, knocking down a wall or gutting the bathroom may be major renter no-nos, but there are plenty of other modifications and enhancements you can make so that your home reflects your personal design style and fits the way you live. Your landlord may be so impressed by your DIY and design skills that they’ll want to keep them that way for the next tenant.

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