Adult braces

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What can you do if you're born with bad dental genes? Thanks, Mom and Dad. From overbites to too-small mouths to buck teeth, there are plenty of dental issues that could force you indignantly into the orthodontist's office for your braces. Braces are a teenage thing for most folks, but for some of us, they come later in life after we're well into adulthood. The proposition of wearing braces as an adult can be terrifying. You might worry about how to take care of them. They can make you feel…

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Getting braces on is a big life change, one that is exciting but also nerve-wracking. While you should quickly get used to wearing braces, there are some important things to know to make the transition to braces easier. Going from no braces to a mouth filled with metal brackets and wires takes an adjustment period, so here are some tips for surviving the first week of braces. _ * braces colors braces aesthetic braces before and after *

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