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Explore a collection of abstract graphic design posters that are creative and eye-catching. Get inspired by these unique designs and add a touch of artistic flair to your space.
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Jouri Toreev is a graphic designer from Belarus who we’re ashamed to have only just discovered. Since the mid-1980s, the Minsk-based designer has been creating superbly abstract and painterly graphic design work, as well as more set design-reliant pieces of commercial imagery. His often minimal colour palettes frequently rely on red, and their sweeping unusual shapes give them a feel of eastern European 1960s movie posters. Jouri’s vast portfolio includes a series of unusual calligraphy…

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Johnny Selman of San Francisco is designing a poster a day for 365 days based on a headline taken from the BBC News website. Above: Pope Offers ‘Hand of Friendship’ To UK, 16 September 2010 Selman wants to elevate the American public's awareness of global events by presenting world news from a credible source in a