6th grade art

Explore exciting art projects that will inspire and engage 6th grade students. Discover hands-on activities and techniques to enhance their artistic skills and creativity.
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Grade Level Duration 4 classes, 80 minutes Materials Graph paper (buy or make your own online here), acrylic Paint, ghost grid posterboard (Poster board featuring a faint, disappearing grid), square dowel cut down to make a stamp (same size as the grids on the poster board), printer, pencil, palette Media Acrylic Paint Lesson Objectives For […]

Haley Anderson
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6th Graders did a really nice job on this project. We started off by learning a lot about the artist Roy Lichtenstein. We watched this video and read through this handout. As much as I hated to, I

Arika Daines
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Welcome! This blog post features a guided tutorial of how to create a geometric, Bauhaus-inspired paper collage. Prior to beginning, it is helpful to learn more about the Bauhaus art movement. Some of the key characteristics of Bauhaus art includes (1) simple, geometric shapes, (2) basic color schemes, and (3) asymmetrical balance. This activity challenges artists

Amy Marie