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a bed room with a neatly made bed and lots of books on the shelves next to it
dried flowers hanging on a wall in a room
a body of water surrounded by trees in the middle of a forest with moss growing on rocks
mia (@emotrends) on X
(20) mia (@emotrends) / Twitter
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a mirror that has some candles in front of it
an orange and white cat sitting in the middle of flowers
there are many paintings and pictures on the wall
a cup of coffee next to an open book and some tulips on a bed
a black cat sitting on top of a bed wearing a collar and chain around it's neck
Gato negro
the dog is laying down in the yard
an image of oposshes and other animals on a green background with rainbows
Opossum Wallpaper
the inside of a building with many windows and plants growing out of it's walls
@_l0ve.w1tch on insta
the shadow of a skateboarder is cast on a wall by a building with a door
shadow dancing
an old cemetery with white flowers in the foreground
an open window with mountains in the background and foggy sky above it, looking out onto a valley
headphones are laying on top of an open book
a woman in a dress holding an umbrella