Filipino Sun And Stars Tattoo

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Modern Baybayin Philippines

Modern Baybayin Philippines -Standard set 28 Characters (Since 2011,2012,2012) Complete set -for Modern usage -Documents ,Names ,Diaries and others.

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Meaning of the Symbols of Philippine Flag

During the year 1898 the Philippines was proclaimed as Independence. Almost of us do not know what does the meaning of the symbols of the Philippine Flag. As a Filipino we must know what does it mean... WHAT KIND OF FILIPINO ARE YOU IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF SUCH SYMBOLS? Maybe we can ask, "What does the three stars mean in the Philippine Flag?" According to the Original Declaration of the Philippine Independence in 1898, it is the geographical islands which compose of Luzon, Panay…

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Filipino Sun

3 Stars and a Sun with a twist tattoo is what Ollie from Omaha had on his bicep. From the typical look of 3 stars and a sun, the bearer managed to designed it differently but still had that Filipin…

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