"Puns are the highest form of literature." ― Alfred Hitchcock
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some people think my puns are rather juvenile i prefer to think of them as full gran
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a cartoon tree is shown with the caption saying, you should cedar ring magnana got her birthday you never pine over me like that and it's not oak in fact
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three black birds standing next to each other on top of a white background with the words scientific
four different types of wood and metal items with caption in the bottom right corner
Wooden whistle
two owls sitting next to each other in front of a white background
There is so many adorable things about this.
there is a sign that says it was struck by a bottle of omega
Physical Therapy Shirts
the incredible hulk quote from the avengers movie
Banner man
Hulk as billboard
a sign that reads bread is like the sun it rises in the yeast and sets in the waist
20 Puns That Are Equal Parts Stupid And Hilarious
20 Puns That Are Equal Parts Stupid And Hilarious
The many types of Fords. Meme, Haha, Chistes, Fotos
The many types of Fords.
a drawing of a man's face with the words, i don't trust those trees, son
a person riding a bike with an umbrella on it's back and the caption in english
two texts that say, why does the norway navy have bar codes on the side of their ships? so when they come back to port they can scan scandinavian
a yellow poster with the words what's the difference between a well dressed man on a bicycle and a poorly dressed man on a unicycle?
an airplane is flying in the sky with another plane below it, as if they were drawing
28+ Memes To Cheer You Up in Bad Time
be cool if they actually worked that way
a blue t - shirt that says when women get to a certain age they start accomulating cats this is known as the many paws
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the storyboard shows how to use different types of characters in an animated comic style
Sounds Like A Pharaoh Sneezing by Quarter-Virus on DeviantArt
Sounds Like A Pharaoh Sneezing by Quarter-Virus. Thoth is done with your shenanigans, Anubis! xD
two husky dogs sitting next to each other with caption saying, why did the scientist install a knocker on his door? he wanted to win the no - bell prize
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Bad Pun Dog | I HAVE A FEW JOKES ABOUT UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE BUT NONE OF THEM SEEM TO WORK | image tagged in memes,bad pun dog | made w/ Imgflip meme maker: This cracked me up!
a husky dog sitting on top of a white chair next to a brick wall with the caption don't fart in an apple store because they don't have windows
a man that is on top of a wooden platform with a saw and some tools
Morning Funny Memes 35 Pics
Morning Funny Memes 35 Pics
an aquarium filled with lots of different types of fish in it's tank, and the caption reads, keeping tropical fish at home can have a calming effect on the brain due to all indoor fins
A fishy pun.
two corgi dogs wearing sunglasses and ties
24 Funny Animal Memes - Daily LOL Pics
Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day #funny #picture
a wooden block with an image of a dog's face on it and the caption says, should i take my dog to the vet?
58 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes
58 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch with the words i just carved to say i love you
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I Just Cawed To Say I Love You Raven Card | Funny Bird Nature Crow Vintage Valentine Friendship Get Well Humor Gothic Pun Hipster Men…
a cartoon drawing of a musical instrument with two speech bubbles above it that say,
an open book with music notes on it and the words i always wanted to be a george monk but i never got the chains