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the city is lit up at night by the ocean
an aerial view of a town and the ocean at night
the sun is setting over a city by the ocean with boats in the water and mountains in the distance
an aerial view of a large ship in the ocean at sunset with mountains in the background
two wine glasses sitting on top of a table next to a vase with flowers in it
Spritz on Sun Terrace by @lauramaykinsey
a table topped with a pizza next to a window filled with water and greenery
an outdoor table with food on it overlooking the ocean and boats in the water below
13 Best Amalfi Coast Towns to Visit in Italy
lemons are hanging from the tree over an outdoor dining area with water and mountains in the background
Lemon shade - Cozy & Comfy
there is a blue and yellow vase with lemons on it next to some cups
Benvenuti in Italia!
the table is set with yellow chairs and flowers hanging from the ceiling above it, along with an ocean view
Positano Sunrise
the table is set with lemons and greenery for an outdoor dinner or party
Seven on Sunday - The Enchanted Home