Grand ReOpening

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several bowls filled with different types of food on top of a green table cloth next to broccoli and other vegetables
four people are holding scissors at a ribbon cutting ceremony
a group of people standing around each other holding a banner and posing for a photo
three people holding a large red ribbon in front of a sign that says lake forest
a man in a wheel chair holding up a ribbon with other people standing behind him
a woman standing in front of a black piano
there are some green and red peppers on the plate
the seafood is prepared and ready to be eaten
sliced lemons, tomatoes and onions are arranged on top of each other
shrimp, clams and other seafood are being prepared on a platter for consumption
desserts and pastries are arranged on a buffet table
many different types of desserts are on display
many different types of desserts on a glass platter
there is a platter with fruit on it
many glasses of champagne are lined up on a table
desserts and pastries on display at a buffet table
a table with cakes and flowers in vases next to a sign that says sweet paris
a glass fish statue sitting on top of a table filled with shells and other items
Jewellery, Crown, Jewelry, Crown Jewelry
a man in a wheel chair is holding up a large red and white flag while other people are standing around him
a woman is playing the harp in her living room
a woman is playing the harp with her hands
two people sitting on couches in a large room with potted plants and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
Freedom Village lobby
the dining room is set with red and white tablecloths
Our La Cheminee Dining Room