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a drawing with writing on it that says, my mother is shame of me
a ticket for children who got in too deep with the words i'm just a child
an old red book with the quote even though i had a lot left to say to you
a computer screen with the words, these weren't originally my memories but i'm happy to take care of them
a blue elephant with an american flag on it's back and the words not yet corpsees still, we not
Yasmine Wüster💫🖤 on Instagram: "This is still one of my favorite artworks!! And I’ve got nothing new to post but working on a few things things and another art trade so stay tuned for that ✨💙 . . #digitalart #wolf #darkart #darkaesthetic #surreal #comicart #comicartist #flowers #redflowers #symbolic #symbolicart #poppy #scenery #procreate #eerie"
a computer screen with the words we've started over again
Started over.
graffiti written on the side of a pink wall that says i'm making memories with other people now
Mindfulness, Inspiration, Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Awakening, Energy
an old computer screen with the message energy is infinite you are infinitite
Aesthetics, Effing, Insanity, Deep Thoughts, Grief, Feels, Blues, March, Meet
a blue sign with the words go back to yourself your feelings need you, your body needs you acknowlyedge what has been and will be
an image of two people standing on a dock with the words maybe the happy ending is just moving on
there is a card with flowers on the front and back side that says you have tried with all your heart to do good, you have suffered and entered
Quotes Deep, Quotes Deep Feelings, Destruction Quotes, Book Quotes
a white dog standing on top of a dirt field next to a black bird and a quote
the text on the page is clearly visible for us to see
the parts of a sheep that are labeled in english and spanish on a white background
two paintings with words on them that say, but what shall i do when instead of a heart?
the text is written in green on a red background
Platonic intimacy
an image of dogs with mouths and words on them that say i am dirty, infinitily dirty, this is why
Faith, God Loves You, Gods Love
two comics with pink ink on them, one has an image of a woman kissing the other
two circles with the words first dates and kinder daten written in red, blue, and green
life venn diagrams
@jlync.h (ttk)
a pink lip bale sitting on top of a white table next to a purple container
two intersecting circles with the words parent and child on them
venn diagram
two goldfishs with words written on them, and the words do he perodo o todo e que nunga nua nadda?
a person holding a red television with the words did you really think i would forget that you did to me?
a red background with the words, my mother does not lick my wounds and my father does not admit where they came from
☭︎ 𝙢𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙨𝙩
the words are written in black and white on a piece of paper that says, why do you keep acting?
an old typewriter with the words out of the ash i rise with my red hair and i eat men like air
the words is it better to speak or to die? written on someone's back
Is it better to speak or to die? @b.i.g.m.e.a.t on tiktok
two pieces of bread with peanut butter and jelly on them that say how much do you love me?
tell me you love me, infinite times - made by me
#sotceinspired #sotceera #sotce #sotcecore #poetry #poem
a black and white photo with the words, but i am very homesick for arms that have never held me
a poem written in black and white with the words mother? i call for her until my throat is scratched and dry, my voice is reduced to a
God, Real, Rage
Get To Know Me, Tumblr Quotes, Cry For Help
a red background with the words do you miss it? can you feel? how do you
Friends, Need Someone, Wait For Me
an old photo with the words i am divine thing
the text is written in red and black with an image of a man's face
Picture memes rpazmFu37: 3 comments — iFunny
Ijust... ljust cannot believe this is xt. This is life. There is no magical third act where I am the star in some fantasy adventure, I won't suddenly gain superpowers and fight carloomsh Villains. This IS it. This is all it will ever be. 50 more years of quiet, drab misery. Our one 5th al consciousness is spent on so... #adventuretime #tvshows #life #ijust #ljust #cannot #believe #xt #this #there #magical #third #act #am #star #fantasy #adventure #wont #suddenly #gain #superpowers #ght #pic
Sherlock John, You Lied
a person with a tattoo on their arm that says, you're afraid to live and you're afraid to die
there are many different items on the white background with words above them that read personalize everything or die with nothing to your name
a facebook page with an image of a train coming down the track and it appears to be very dark
Purple button with "being weird isn't enough" written in white Diy, Weird, Cool Pins, Cutout, Weird Pictures, New Pins, Sagittarius Moon, Weird And Wonderful
Being Weird Isn't Enough
a hand holding a rope with the words thinking about all the disrespect i allowed simply just because all i ever wanted is love
an insect with the caption's description on it
millipedes vs centipedes. ♡
an old computer screen with some words written on it and the caption is in black and white