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Post-It Origami Icosahedron. I've made like 20 of these. So cute to put on desks. They impress friends and co-workers.

Post-It Origami Icosahedron

Post-It Origami Icosahedron: Here I show you how to make origami icosahedron from 30 sonobe pieces.

How to fold the famous Hosho Uchiyama 3D paper origami car in 12 steps.

How to fold the Hosho Uchiyama car

Bohemia Amsterdam researched the traditional 3D japanese origami car by Hosho Uchiyama and came up with these easy folding steps. Try it yourself and share the…

Bee-a-ba: Fabric Origami Wallet - only folding, no sewing

Fabric Origami Wallet

I was so pleased with the result from my Fabric Origami Card Holder that I decided to try something a little bolder today. Most paper wallets you see cannot be considered origami, because they use scissors. The true origami art does not use scissors or glue, just creases. So, I found this really nice design online of a true origami wallet and I decided to try it with fabric! This makes a nice thick wallet, with plenty of space for your cards and bills. This pattern can be tricky, so I advise…

Origami - Papírvarázslat - Képgaléria - Diagrams - Rajzok

Diagrams - Rajzok

Többnyire egyszerú saját origami modellek bemutatása. Néhány modell rajza... Korábbi könyveimből ízelítő.... (Papírvarázslat, Papírangyalkák és díszek...)

心上川崎|连体 第12步




ラッピングペーパーの雑貨フリーサイズブックカバーなど | かわいい輸入ラッピングペーパーのお店Sweet Paper


Origami Burr Puzzle (Froy) - YouTube

Origami Burr Puzzle (Froy)

Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (Low Intermediate)Submit photos of your Burr Puzzle here: http://www.ez-origami.com/gallery/youtubeIn this video, I demonstrate how to ...



Paper Divisions (fifths, thirds, sevenths, etc...)

Paper Divisions (fifths, thirds, sevenths, etc...)

TadashiMori Patreon page: http://www.patreon.com/tadashimoriFacebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TadashiOrigamiThis video show how to divide the paper in t...

Tyvek Origami: Ultimate Wallet - YouTube

Tyvek Origami: Ultimate Wallet

Fold an awesome wallet from a sheet of paper (15.5 in x 13 in). Make it awesomer by folding it from Tyvek! At the end of the video, I show how I used a Pazzl...

Origami Instructions: Spinning Top (Manpei Arai) - YouTube

Origami Instructions: Spinning Top (Manpei Arai)

Check http://youtu.be/yzUM8KmX9CU for more details on how to complete the handle of the spinning top!Paper used in this video: 15cm (6in) squareFinished mode...