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an image with the words, it ran in your family until it ran into you god says
a bible verse with the words, even the demons didn't want to go to hell they begged jesus to send them into the pigs instead
a purple background with the words if a child can work a tablet, phone or game they can work a broom, mop and dishes
Yes! Give them some type of life skill .
Teach them to make the bed, wash dishes, load the washing machine, sweep the floor and say please and Thank you
a red background with the words, said you can read the bible in prison, but not in school perhaps if read in school, they wouldn't be in prison
an ear with the words, when the two ears are put side by side it forms the shape of the heart
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210 Wise words ideas in 2021 | words, wise words, inspirational quotes
an image of the text that appears to be written on a black background with white writing
You fail when you do not believe Jesus Christ as the Son of the Living God. Romans’ 10:9-10
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some paintbrushes are in a glass vase on a table with the words you are the painter of your own mood
Paint your mood Quote
a quote that says we repent enough to be forgotten, but do we surrender enough to be changed?
an old man pointing to the side with text that reads, a big mac doesn't cost $ 399 99
someone said to me, you like taking care of people because it heals the part of you that need someone to take care of you
a pink t - shirt that says we walk by faith not by sight 2 corintians 5 7 pretty girl pray
2 Corinthians 5:7
an old woman with glasses is looking at the camera
an open book with some type of poem in it's center and the words mother's recipes written below
the poem is written in black and white
Waiting at Heaven's Door #Grief #death
a poem written in white paper on top of a wooden table
a piece of paper with writing on it that says you took my parking space at church
You Took My Parking Space at Church