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Ink Painting

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sunny ginkgo biloba - watercolor illustration by Aga Szafranska

Autumn leaves

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자료·보물창고 > 동양화기법 및 실습자료 > 묵죽 그리기

Bamboo in sumi-e

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Swallows with cherry blossom - Ohara Koson
owl-Japanese print  *~<3*Jo*<3~*
【 徐悲鸿 作品《紫荆花》】 徐悲鸿在国画方面的造诣很深厚,是国画创新的艺术实践者,在继承传统绘画的基础上把欧洲古典现实主义的技法融入到国画创作中,创制了富有时代感的新国画。

Cherry blossom in sumi-e

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Chinese Scroll Painting Manner of Zhao Shaoang. Polychrome painting depicting two birds perched in pumpkins, with two lines of calligraphy and 2 red seal marks, 23" W x 62" L.
"Corn and Beetle" by Zhao Shao'ang

Fruits And Vegetables

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Chao Shao-an, Gladioli, 1968
Gladioli, by Zhao Shao Ang
Gladiolus and Cicada

Gladiolus in sumi-e

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Grape,66cm x 136cm(26〃 x 53〃),2322019-z
Bamboo, Grapes, Lotus - Virginia Lloyd-Davies - Joyful Brush®
Virginia Lloyd-Davies.Chinese Brush Painting: grapes & bird

Grape in sumi-e

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Original painting Japanese Ink Painting on Rice Paper by Suibokuga, €48.00
Liang Yansheng 梁燕生 (b.1960) —  (802×1537)
刁呈健国画作品欣赏 - 李梨 - 李梨 Diaochengjian

Hollyhock in sumi-e

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Chinese Painting
By Chow Chian Chiu 周千秋

Iris in sumi-e

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Autumn time-Chao Shao Ang - Watercolour
Japanese Ink Painting Japanese art Sumi-e Suibokuga Asian art
容祖椿花鸟作品欣赏 - wangchangzhengb - wangchangzhengb的博客


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Lily in sumi-e

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Lotos chinesische Tusche Malerei chinese painting lotus sumie painting ink drawing Hand painted original Artist Unikat direct from the artist Tailai Zhang Hauptstr.77, 12159 Berlin www.teesign77.de
Collection Chinese Painting Book All Work View How to Paint Xieyi Painting | eBay
Chinese Painting Book Learn to Paint Lotus Canna Flower Brush Ink Asian Art | eBay

Lotos in sumi-e

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.so beautiful
俞致贞 工笔花鸟《辛夷春燕》
Chinese Painting

Magnolia in sumi-e

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Liu Xinhua(刘 新华 Chinese)
Starting to paint at a rather late age, Qi was compelled to experiment with new forms of art. He obsessively copied different features and motifs from the famous Qing Dynasty painting manual The Mustard Seed Garden. Qi experimented with many different forms and styles of painting both from China and the West. Under the strong influence of Xu Wei, Bada Shanren and Wu Changshuo, he slowly started to develop a unique and more modern style of his own
Traditional Chinese Brush Painting Master Qi Bai Shi - Morning Glories & Dragonfly

Morning Glory in sumi-e

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Chao Shao An 趙少昂

Narcissus in sumi-e

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Orchids in sumi-e

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Художники Китая. Пу Цзо – 49 photos | VK
Japanese Ink Painting Ink art  Asian art Sumi-e by Suibokuga

Pine tree in sumi-e

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birds on a plum painting | Chinese Paintings > Plum Blossom
Dong Shouping: Red Plum | China Online Museum

Plum blossoms in sumi-e

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ewa hauton 100x70cm #ink on paper # danse
danse, fluidité - Peinture,  145x85 cm ©2015 par Ewa Hauton -                                                            Peinture contemporaine, Papier, Femmes, ink painting, peinture à l'encre, danse, ewa hauton
ewa hauton 143x89cm, ink painting on paper

People in sumi-e

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Chinese/Japanese Ink Paintings  //  He Baili 何百里 (1947~)

Roses in sumi-e

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QIN Tianzhu
齊白石作品                                        款識:到老益貧誰似我,此翁真是負鋤人。      Qi Baishi (1864 – 1957) was an influential Chinese painter.

Still life in sumi-e

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Welcome to the online gallery for Ning Yeh
китайская живопись гохуа: 2 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках
Liu Bojun Poster of Paintings of Zen Wit with Ten Fingers

Sunflowers in sumi-e

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Cave to Canvas, Qi Baishi
Wisteria byHuang Yongyu (b.1924)

Wisteria in sumi-e

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