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a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of cloth
balls of twine are stacked on top of each other, with hearts hanging from them
Wooly Sewing Box on String Holder www.rebekahlsmith.com
four different images of the same item in various stages of making snowman lanterns, including one with an ornament on it
shara reiner
three painted wooden boxes sitting next to each other
Indoor Kitties
a pink card holder with lace and buttons on it's sides, sitting on a table
Find Inspiring DIY Projects
three decorative items are sitting on a lace doily with white flowers and pink ribbon
Simple Stories
These are made out of toilet paper tubes and would make a great "treat" or gift card holder for a teacher, friend, etc.
there are two pictures of different items in the same box and one has an elephant on it
Monedero taza
several books are stacked on top of each other with tags attached to the book ends
壁/天井/ハンドメイド/リメイク/アンティーク風/リメ缶バッグ...などのインテリア実例 - 2015-09-15 09:51:02 | RoomClip(ルームクリップ)
a basket with clothes hanging from it's sides
Cottage style
the stuffed animals are hanging on the tree's bark and have been made to look like bunnies
Lu Moretto Patchwork Design on Instagram: “Bom dia Quarta feira!! Trazendo hoje varal L O V E de coelhinho ❤🐰 Projeto em Pdf disponível. Contatos pelo direct ou Whatsapp 51…”
two pieces of fabric with different designs on them, one is white and the other is black