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Sessions with a Psychologist | Dr. Wendy O'Connor

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Growth Mindset
It Is Time To Stop Giving Energy | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
It is time to stop giving energy and attention to things, people, and situations that don’t serve you. In today’s live, I had a lot of fun picking a couple of happiness based questions and answering them for you, even giving my guidance around how to take action on the specific things, so take a peek. If you are wanting more accountability to reach your goals, DM me for details. #bossbabe #psychologist #lifecoaching #lifecoachingtips #psychologyfacts #positivepsychology #mindsetmattersmost
The Easy Way To Taking Your First Steps Towards Loving Your Life | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
The easy way to taking your first steps towards loving your life ✨✨✨✨✨ Https://www.drwendyoconnor.com/confidence-code
POV: You Realize How Short Life Is So You Decide To Make It The Best You Can | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
Surround yourself with women who are doing it. Who are in the arena. Designing lives that light them up. Not taking no for an answer. Stop putting life on hold. Want to know where to start? DM me. #bossbabe #psychologist #lifecoaching #lifecoachingtips #psychologyfacts #positivepsychology #mindsetmattersmost #growthmindset🌱 #selfempowerment #liveempowered #empoweredlife #drwendyoconnor #lifebydesign #lifebydesignnotbydefault #psychologistsofinstagram
The Three Reasons You're Feeling Stuck, Or In A Plateau In Your Life Part Two | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
Which one is holding you back? #bossbabe #psychologist #lifecoaching #lifecoachingtips #psychologyfacts #positivepsychology #mindsetmattersmost #growthmindset🌱 #selfempowerment #liveempowered #empoweredlife #drwendyoconnor #lifebydesign #lifebydesignnotbydefault
The Three Reasons You're Feeling Stuck, Or In A Plateau In Your Life Part One | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
Which one is holding you back? #bossbabe #psychologist #lifecoaching #lifecoachingtips #psychologyfacts #positivepsychology #mindsetmattersmost #growthmindset🌱 #selfempowerment #liveempowered #empoweredlife #drwendyoconnor #lifebydesign #lifebydesignnotbydefault
To Stay In The Comfort Zone Or Face The Uncertainty Of The Unknown | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
To stay in the comfort zone or face the uncertainty of the unknown…. That is the question. ✨ #bossbabe #psychologist #lifecoaching #lifecoachingtips #psychologyfacts #positivepsychology #mindsetmattersmost #growthmindset🌱 #selfempowerment #liveempowered #empoweredlife #drwendyoconnor #lifebydesign #lifebydesignnotdefault
It's Time to Get Curios | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
Choosing curiosity over fear as the driver of your life ✨✨✨ #courageovercomfort #bebrave #curiosityapproach #fearbegone #empowerher #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #drwendyoconnor #psychologistsofinstagram
How to stop SUFFERING today
At the end of the day, we all want to suffer less and feel happier. Suffer less and live more. Suffer less and become versions our best selves that maybe you haven't been able to realize just yet. And so today is a day for you to show up for yourself and listen to some wisdom from a psychologist about how to navigate times of uncertainty, times of suffering, times of experiencing life, out of our control, which most of it is
You Always Have The Power To Write A New Story
You’re due for your own software update. It’s time to change your story. 🤯 I don’t care if you are listening to this thinking I can’t. I don’t care if you’re listening to this thinking I don’t know how. And I don’t care of you’re listen to this thinking it’s not for me. That’s all a bunch of BS. ➡️ This IS for you. ➡️ YES you can. ➡️ I’ll TEACH you how. ✍️ You deserve a software update MORE than your damn iPhone does. Treat yourself better than that.
Holiday Survival Huid
🤯 You are responsible for your joy, here’s your holiday survival guide. ✨ ➡️ Tune in (and save for later) to integrate these tips on create a less-stressful 2022. 🤯 Say no. 🤯 Set boundaries. 🤯 Change your mood. 🤯 Show up differently. 🤯 Meet yourself where YOU are and meet YOUR needs. 🤯 Set yourself up for happiness this month. What is your January goal?? Tell me!
Making Time For What You Want
😍 You are an action taking woman who finds yourself starting over and over and over again. Why? Because you let your brain derail you. You give your mind power to make decisions for you instead of using your values, dreams, and goals 🤔 ➡️ So if you were on the journey of improving your life and building happiness and meaning and purpose in your life listen to this short video on how to prioritize what you want and to let go of the things you do not. Drop a ❤️ if this resonates.
How to Leave Languishing Behind and Start Having More FUN | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
NOT HAVING FUN? Here’s how to leave languishing behind and start having more FUN! Having fun: ✨ Improves sleep ✨ Improves creativity ✨ Improves productivity ✨ Improves your mood And there are many more benefits. The science is behind this strategy, and so am I! Having fun to me looks like going to a saké tasting, hiking with my family in the fall leaves, sitting by the fire playing scrabble, having a deep conversation with a girlfriend. What does it look like to you??
How To Stop Ruminating | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
Stop over analyzing every conversation, meeting, and fun night out that you have. Here’s how. Use my Morning After Mindset strategy. 😘
Why Mindset Work Isn’t Enough | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
💗💗💗 Learn how to accelerate your healing.
Life doesn't have to be HORRIBLE for you to change it | Dr. Wendy O'Connor
Stop telling yourself you’re waiting for a sign. Stop telling yourself it’s selfish. Stop telling yourself you’re not worthy. Stop telling yourself other people matter more than you. Stop telling yourself your needs are not that important. Be the change in the world, be the person who advocates for yourself - your need to flourish, and positively impacts the world because of it. Create that positive ripple effect in this life. Do it for you, do it for them, JUST DO IT.