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the phrasal verbs for winter are shown in red and blue, with green trees
10 Winter Phrasal Verbs - My Lingua Academy
10 Winter Phrasal Verbs
an english poster with words describing the different types of animals and people in their lives
english vocabulary
some people are talking about their personality in this info sheet with the words idoms about personality
english speaking
a poster with words and pictures on it to describe phone phrasal verbs
a poster with words describing how to sleep
IELTS writing
a poster with the words problem and an image of two people talking to each other
a person standing on an escalator with the words melee in front of them
Word of the day - Melee
Melee (🗣️ ˈmel.eɪ) - a situation in which a crowd of people are in a hurry or pushing each other in a confused way Example - We lost sight of each other in the melee. #Melee #EnglishWithDev
a poster with instructions on how to use the language for an english class or classroom
a poster with two men in suits and one is pointing at the same person's choice
English With Nab na Instagramie: „What are you?👈👈👈👈 . . . . . Double tap for more🤗 . 👉 @englishwithnab 🙏. . 👉Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Every week new…”
an english poster with two men talking to each other and the caption says, no more how do you do? how are you?
Outras Formas De Dizer ''and'' Em Inglês A61
an info poster showing how to be polite in formal and informal ways, including coffee mugs