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These two-in-one wire sculptures are mind-blowing
3D printed plastic kinetic sculptures (that’s right, this is NOT CGI)
“Munchausen Waves,” a playful kinetic sculpture at the Gasparilla Music Festival.
Oddly satisfying 🖤 Part of the gravity well
Marble Machine Automata | Wooden Handmade Marble Machine
#automata by @tomhaneyartwork via @beninmadrid
a close up of a large wooden object with strings on it's back end
Kinetic Wave Toy
Kinetic Wave Toy #Kinetic, #Wave, #Toy
Works - George Koutsouris
an origami object is shown in front of a window with the words, origami interactive kinetic art
Origami Interactive Kinetic Art
Origami Interactive Kinetic Art : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
Samsara ~ kinetic installation telling the story of oneness
creative mechanical dancing jelly fish 🐟😱
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