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Symbols and examples of discovery, divining and divination.
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an old brass compass on a blue background
Antique Patina Brass Sundial/Magnetic Compass w/ Hardwood Case. $87.91 measures 4.5" h (2"h when collapsed), the body of the compass is 3" diameter, and weighs 14 ounces.
an astro wheel cake on a table next to a notebook and some candy bar wrappers
shamanicsoul: Homemade pendulum board. "A pendulum board is a divination tool a little bit similar to a Ouija board but is used with a pendulum and is used for questions and guidance."
an open book with a clock on the front and inside, sitting on a table
History of Science Museum - Galileo Museum
Astronomical compendium consisting of a box with three compartments. In the first, there is an astrolabe and a lunar calendar. Between the first and second compartment is an hour circle. The second compartment houses a sundial and a magnetic compass for orientation. The third compartment contains the Horae planetarum table and an horary quadrant with a shadow square. The markings are in German.
a person holding an object in their hand while standing on top of a sand dune
Interested in Water Witching? Here's How to Use Dowsing Rods
How To Use Dowsing Rods
an old world map with compass, tape measure and other items on it next to a pair of scissors
Ink Stains
Seek & you will find....Ask & you will be given....The KEY to this world of mine. I'll be waiting here with my arms unfurled...waiting just for you ... Welcome to my world. Quote from the song " Welcome to my World "
Dowsing for water.I've done it and it still amazes me. Vintage, People, Dowsing, Old Things, Olds, Water Witch, Old Photos, Unusual
Dowsing for water.I've done it and it still amazes me.
Dowsing Rods: History and Uses (this type of branch is how grampa taught me) Wells, Well Drilling, Wormwood, Scrying, Pendulum Dowsing, Branch
Dowsing Rods: History and Uses
Dowsing Rods: History and Uses (this type of branch is how grampa taught me)
a close up of a box of fortune tellers with two smiling people on it
1960 s
60's Magic 8 Ball Loved this when I was a kid!
a black and white drawing of a hand with the words your fate is in your hands
Accuracy of Palm Readings
senhoras e senhores, jamais me revelarei
Divination:  #Pendulum #dowsing and #divination. Divination Tools, Spell Book, Divination, Tarot, Runes, Metaphysics
pendulum dowsing and divination
Divination: #Pendulum #dowsing and #divination.
Techno, Theodolite, Horology, The Golden Compass, Renaissance Period
Design is fine. History is mine.
a pen and some paper on top of a table with markers, pens and pencils