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"Valar Morghulis" - "Only a fool lives his future in the past" - "Don't think, Become" - "lively" - "The chief has come home"

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This is a ROTBTD blog where I post fanart, gifsets, cool headcanons, etc. of the big four and...

I Won't Let Go by JackTheVulture on DeviantArt

I ended up doing a colored version of this, but I still prefer the original sketch I think. Its one of my favorite HTTYD drawings I've done, even ... I Won't Let Go

The only thing is, I wish Astrid was in the 2nd movie more
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“ Astrid Hofferson + laughing/smiling ”

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25 + › + leichte Wut + durch Biolumi

+ light fury + by biolumi + leichte Wut + durch Biolumi Source by KIislandgirl

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hiccup httyd2 x reader - Chapter 5

Read Chapter 5 from the story hiccup httyd2 x reader by 102kittykats (sai) with 6,400 reads. astrid, httyd, toothless...



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Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part i (1/?)